[wm_text_block]If you want to jumpstart or boost your speaking career, you’ve come to the right place! With WebClick Speaker Services, there are no middlemen, no commissions. Event planners contact YOU directly. Through our speaker services:

  • We connect public speakers and audiences through our Speakers Directory.
  • Jumpstart or boost your speaking career. Get listed in the Directory.
  • We coach you to find speaking gigs and polish your media and presentation skills.

WebClick is here to help you with your Speaker needs. There’s no body that can understand more than what a speaker needs than a speaker themselves and that’s exactly what we bring to the table. We are speakers and we know the industry. We know how to market you, how to get speaking engagements, how to negotiate your contracts and well… just take care of you.

When we coach speakers on how to get more gigs, we draw on our experience in getting past the Nollywood gatekeepers, because the same skills used by journalists on assignment can be used by speakers when they contact event planners. If you want to get even more gigs as a speaker, it’s good to know how to be proactive, and we like teaching that to speakers.[/wm_text_block]


Free Consultation

Free Consultation

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Our Speaker Services Pricing Package

Need More Info? Call 07066999466 Order Order Order Order
Listing in WebClick Speaker Directory
Speaker profile by our writers
Coaching session 1 2 3 4
Custom Speaker Website (details below)
Professionally designed “One Page” Bio
Social Media For Your Expert Speaking Brand – Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more!
Graphics & Banners Design
Introduction & Promotional Videos
Powerpoint Presentation Templates
Document Template Library Access
Content Creation and Publication
Product Creation and Publication
Online and Off-line Press Releases
Procurement for Interviews with TV, Radio and Print Publication
Newsworthy Article Creation and Print Coordination
Research and Event Validation
Contract Negotiation (Optional)
Coordination Before During and After with Event Promoter
Communication and Marketing Collateral for Event Promoter
On-Site Assistance If Needed through our event volunteers
Speaker Management
Profile + Website design ₦10, 000 (Profile only) ₦10, 000 (Profile only) ₦40, 000 ₦50, 000
Monthly Due ₦2, 000 for 6 months
₦12, 000
₦1, 700 for 12 months
₦20, 400
₦1, 500 for 15 months
₦22, 500
₦1, 000 for 18 months
₦18, 000
Total ₦22, 000 ₦30, 400 ₦62, 500 ₦68, 000
Bonus Pay in full and get 1 additional months! Pay in full and get 2 additional months! Pay in full and get 3 additional months! Pay in full and get 5 additional months!
If you are ready to get into the spotlight and you want a professional looking website to help you to set that stage, then Speaker Services is for YOU! Simply click on one of the package options above to get started so you can easily market your business online.[/wm_text_block][wm_divider type=”whitespace”][wm_call_to_action caption=”WebClick Speaker Request – no obligation!” button_text=”Request Now!” button_url=”http://www.webclick.com.ng/speaker-request/” button_color=”blue” button_size=”l” target=”_blank”]

Interested in speaking at a WebClick Digital Marketing Event? Make a speaker request ahead of time.

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Benefit of Speaker Services We Offer

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Learn More About Speaker Services

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How Do I Get Started with Speaker Services?

[/wm_separator_heading][wm_text_block]Once we have received  notification of your order for either of the packages above, a Client Profile will be emailed to you to start the coordination process.  The Client Profile form will give you the opportunity to provide us with detailed custom information to help us get started in coordinating your project and designing your site.  It’s important to take your time and fill the Client Profile form out thoroughly as this will help to expedite the process and it will help us to quickly get up to speed on your business.

Once you have order any of the package above, we are notified immediately of your project. You will also receive a confirmation email that you are now registered as our client for Speaker Services. An email will be sent out to you immediately to commence the process of coordinating your project. You will receive instructions, information on how to access your bonuses, and the Client Profile form for you to fill out and to start your project.

We create a listing for you in our Speakers Directory based on the info you give us on our detailed Speaker Form. We do the writing, and our professional writers go back and forth with you until your listing is right. We do a complete profile that highlights who you are and what you do, your presentations, bio, best-fit audiences, testimonials, book(s), videos, contact info, and links to your website and social media. It’s like having a personal Web page devoted to your speaking career.[/wm_text_block][wm_separator_heading tag=”h2″ align=”center”]

How Long Does It Take?

[/wm_separator_heading][wm_text_block]We start immediately on your project, gather information from the Client Profile form, coordinating with you on content and design specifics, etc. Our process includes 4 hours of Consulting time throughout the project.  Here is the break down:


  • 30 minutes – To discuss your design needs and preferences.
  • 2.5 hours – To recommend and discuss strategies that will help you maximize your website’s effectiveness.
  • 1 hour – Upon completion and hand-off, we will walk you through how the video tutorials on how to manage your website using our online software.

Design Time:

As a general rule of thumb we will complete you project in a timely and efficient manner.  Every project is different, and the timing of completion is determined upon a number of factors that will require your timely input for content and design.

We process our orders on a first-come first-serve basis and our estimated turnaround time may fluctuate and changing depending upon the amount of client projects we have in our active queue.  When you submit your order with WebClick, your project gets accepted and placed into our queue for completion.

On average, once we have received all of the content and information from you, we are completing our projects within a 20-30 business day time frame.

Timing on your project may also fluctuate due to incomplete content, changes, and requests for more customised work.[/wm_text_block][wm_separator_heading tag=”h2″ align=”center”]

What Webclick Speaker Services Include


1. Custom Speaker Website

Custom website design just for Speakers to help you set the stage online for world-wide speaking opportunities.

Home Page: Introduce yourself and provide a quick snapshot about you and your speaking business.

Bio Page: A Biography immediately connects your audience with you and starts to build that all essential rapport and relationship, commencing your Speaking Community and expanding your Speaking Empire. You choose the way you want to be represented.

Photos Page: Showcase yourself with your professional photos & images.

Videos Page: Easily add your Youtube or Vimeo videos.

Media Gallery Page: You get uploads of photos of you and media you are featured in. Your audience will see current high quality, correct resolution professional photos (color, black & white) of you,; and then there’s Media Watch – your audience will see print and electronic press in various formats (eg newspaper articles, interviews including digital)…forget those embarrassing YouTube clips.

Interview Questions Page: You write and provide the questions you want to be asked and that you have the answers already prepared to give. Sound like the Expert you are. The Interviewer will ask you the questions YOU have prepared for… so no curve balls here and no questions from left field.

Speaker Requirements Page: Help promoters to know your exact requirements and preferences by providing them with the details to make their planning more effective. Your requirements will cover your preferences for the following:

  • AV Requirements
  • Speaking Requirements
  • Travel Requirements
  • Speaking Fees
  • Product Sales; and
  • Guest, Staff and Helper Passes

Presentation Topics Page: Let promoters know what Presentation Topics you can present on for speaking. Give them a list of your top presentations to choose from and offer them the opportunity for a customised presentation.

Speaking Schedule Page: Let your audience find out where they can connect with you by providing them with a list of upcoming events on your event calendar.

Contact Details Page: You will not lose out on potential speaking gigs because your contact details were out of date. Your current contact details will be available online for media, promoters, marketers, agents or publicists to find you and you’ll easily be able to update at any time.

Introduction Scripts Page: You will be introduced as you are, not as something you were last year or years ago. Your site will include the LATEST, most up to date information about to help promoters set the stage for your presentation.

Client List Page: People love seeing who you have worked with. A picture is worth a thousand words. Upload images and corporate logos of your clients.

Testimonials Page: Let your past clients rave about your services. The all important third party endorsement – Social Proof. Don’t toot your own horn…let others do it for you in print, audio and video testimonials.

News / Blog Page: Keep your visitors and list fully informed with an ongoing up to the minute blog articles and news updates.

Resources Page: Your Interview Questions, Intro Scripts, Speaker and Travel Requirements, Presentation Topics all listed to make it easy for your clients to find out about you and your needs.

2. Speaker Marketing

In coordination with helping you to create the perfect online presence with your very own “Speaker Site”, we continue to take you to the next level with our marketing services including,

  • Graphics, Banners, and Videos
  • Advertising
  • Content Creation and Publication
  • Product Creation and Publication

3. Media and Public Relations

Is it time to let the world know you are a speaker and an expert?  Then we are here to help and we’re your secret weapon “behind the curtain.”  WebClick offers extensive experience in working with the media and providing excellent public relations services to help .  If you are looking to get noticed, get more speaking gigs, even market and position you as an expert and authority, then we are the answer to what you’ve been looking for and the solution to help you make it happen!

  • Online and Off-line Press Releases
  • Procurement for Interviews with TV, Radio and Print Publication
  • Newsworthy Article Creation and Print Coordination
  • Social Media For Your Expert Speaking Brand – Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more!

4. Booking Speaking Engagements

Let us help you to get more speaking engagements through our vast world-wide network of promoters.  We’ll help you with…

  • Research and Event Validation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Coordination Before During and After with Event Promoter
  • Communication and Marketing Collateral for Event Promoter
  • Travel and Hotel Coordination
  • On-Site Assistance If Needed

5. Speaker Management

Taking our Booking Services to the next level, our management services represent through our full-service efforts.  We work in coordination with you and/or your staff to manage all of your speaking engagements in-house or for other promoters.   These services are unique and customized to fit your specific needs and requirements.[/wm_text_block][wm_separator_heading tag=”h2″ align=”center”]

How Do I Get Started With Speaker Services?

[/wm_separator_heading][wm_text_block]Simply call or request a free quote to start your Speaker services. Our team will work with you to determine which of our speaker services plans is best for you, then schedule the process when it’s right for you. At the end, we’ll present you with a report of our findings, and walk you through the next steps in getting your speaker services.

Check our speaker services pricing packages above to order. Need more information, call +2347066999466 or contact us online today to begin your speaker services and maximizing your speaking potential.[/wm_text_block]

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Free Website Audit

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SEO Services

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Affiliate Program

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Reseller Program
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Partner with us

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Sponsorship Program

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Why Choose Us

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  • No.1 Choice for design and ad agencies
  • 100% Unique Design
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • All designers are in house
  • High Quality Customer Services
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Proven Quality Control
  • Google Certified Professionals
  • Compliance with W3C, WAVE and other accessibility standards
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Our Guarantee

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Can’t wait to get started with your Google analytics consulting to beat your competitors?

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Check out Other Training & Consulting Services We Offer

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Meet Some of Our Members, the Professionals that Cares for You!

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Some Sample SEO Projects

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Can’t wait to get started with your Google Analytics Consulting to beat your competitors?


Speaker Services

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